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Keyboard Set Registration Software


Like fine cuisine, the best ingredients are always needed for the best results and Korg Professional Arrangers provide some of the best sonic ingredients available. However, to blend them to perfection is a skilled process. 20 years experience of producing first class keyboard software, applied to the latest generation of instruments, has resulted in some fabulous combinations for you to simply play.


Please take time to watch the video demos so you can hear this outstanding software for yourself.

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Keyboard Set Registrations 


Ballroom Bonanza (Korg Pa5X/ Pa4X/Pa1000)


Big Band Showcase
(Korg Pa5X/ Pa4X/Pa1000)


Drawbar Organ Showcase
(Korg Pa5X Pa4X/Pa1000)


Classical Spectacular
(Korg Pa5X Pa4X/Pa1000)


Famous Names (Korg Pa5X Pa4X/Pa1000)


Theatre Organ Showcase
(Korg Pa5X Pa4X/Pa1000)


Classical Organ Showcase
(Korg Pa5X Pa4X/Pa1000)

Special Bundle Deal

To help you take full advantage of the PaX Magic range I have also introduced a special bundle price for all seven products. Save up to £68.93 by buying the full collection.

Available for Pa5X, Pa4X and Pa1000 the Keyboard Set Registration collection includes all seven PaX Magic products: Ballroom Bonanza, Big Band Showcase, Drawbar Organ Showcase, Classical Spectacular, Famous Names, Theatre Organ Showcase, and Classical Organ Showcase.

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