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Big Band Showcase

Keyboard Set Registrations for Korg Pa4X and Pa1000
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Instant Big Band arrangements

A different way to enjoy the fabulous Big Band styles in your Korg Professional Arranger.


Big Band Showcase is more than just a collection of registrations—you can create Big Band arrangements live using the keyboard set buttons to switch quickly between different instrument sections. The same format is maintained for all the keyboard sets so you can get exactly what you want every time.


Each of the Big Band styles has also received four brand new one touch settings and the library also includes a selection of songbook entries with ready-made registrations for some classic Big Band favourites.

Includes special extra folder for the MUSIKANT version of the Pa4X allowing direct folder access to correct styles.


Special Bundle Deal

To help you take full advantage of the PaX Magic range I have also introduced a special bundle price for all seven products. Save up to £68.93 by buying the full collection.

Available for both Pa1000 and Pa4X the Keyboard Set Registration collection includes all seven PaX Magic products: Ballroom Bonanza, Big Band Showcase, Drawbar Organ Showcase, Classical Spectacular, Famous Names, Theatre Organ Showcase, and Classical Organ Showcase.

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