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Drawbar Organ Showcase

Keyboard Set Registrations for Korg Pa5X, Pa4X and Pa1000
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An encyclopedic collection of great drawbar registrations for your Korg Pa Professional Arranger!

Drawbar organ sounds are among the most straight forward to use but also the hardest to get right. There is an almost infinite number of combinations possible with the standard 9 drawbar footages. Finding the right sound can often be a case of trial and error.


With ‘Drawbar Organ Showcase’ the hard work has been done for you with a massive collection of 72 fabulous drawbar registrations ready to play. They are all closely balanced with the built-in styles to cover a wide range of different musical styles.

With ‘Drawbar Organ Showcase’ you will find yourself getting wrapped up in a world of great organ sounds.

Includes special extra folder for the MUSIKANT version of the Pa4X allowing direct folder access to correct styles.


Special Bundle Deal


To help you take full advantage of the PaX Magic range I have also introduced a special bundle price for all seven products. Save up to £68.93 by buying the full collection.

Available for Pa5X, Pa4X and Pa1000 the Keyboard Set Registration collection includes all seven PaX Magic products: Ballroom Bonanza, Big Band Showcase, Drawbar Organ Showcase, Classical Spectacular, Famous Names, Theatre Organ Showcase, and Classical Organ Showcase.

* Update includes the original software painstakingly transferred into the Pa5X ready to use. It carefully maintains the integrity of all the registrations, voices and styles and gives much better access to all the keyboard set registrations than simply using the built in Pa4X to Pa5X conversion.

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Update (from prior Pa4X or Pa1000 purchase only)*

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